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Welcome! Our Mission is to help state education agencies establish practical and rigorous data collection systems that will measure and profile the post-...
Staff Selete Avoke National PSO Center Project Officer Office of Special Education Programs 330 C St SW MES 3516 60... About Us
Survey REVISED Stage 1: Post-School Data Collection Protocol Includes recommended essential questions to address Indicator #14 combining student demo... Data Collection
Marketing Materials Branding your Post-School Outcomes Survey The purpose of “Branding your Post-school Outcomes Data Collection Process is to help state... Data Collection
Data Collection Procedures   Contacting Hard-to Find Youth: Strageties for the Post-School Survey Yearly, approximately 100,000 former students who had an ind... Data Collection
Response Calculator Indicator 14 Response Calculator Allows states to compare the similarity of the respondent sample to the representative sample.  In... Data Analysis & Reporting
Data Use Toolkit Post-School Outcomes Data Use Toolkit Please note: Both the 2009 Measurement Table PowerPoint and the revised May 2010 Measurement Table Pow... Data Use
Data Display Templates Data Display Template and Instructions Revised This optional template creates graphic displays of statewide Indicator 14 data. OSEP approved... Data Analysis & Reporting
District-by-District Outcomes Table District-By-District Post-School Outcomes Table & Instructions This is an optional tool that states may use to display Indicator 14 data... Data Analysis & Reporting
Trend Data Display Trend Data Display The NPSO Center’s Indicator 14 Trend Data Display tool is an optional tool that states may choo... Data Analysis & Reporting
Analysis & Reporting Documents Analysis and Reporting Documents Post-School Outcomes: Response Rates and Nonresponse Bias Prepared by Roberta Garrison-Mogren at Westat i... Data Analysis & Reporting
Be a Superstar-Take the Survey   Prepared in collaboration with PACER, these fun YouTube videos are designed to encourage students and families to complete post-schoo...
SPP/APR Resources   (draft) SPP/APR Resources
Sampling   Establishing a Representative Sample of Your State to Address Indicator 14 - Prepared by Michael Bullis, former Director, NPSO, inclu... Data Collection
Indicator 14 Tools NPSO Writing Suggestions The purpose of this document is to provide states with writing suggestions and examples for completing the Part B Ind... SPP/APR Resources
NPSO Materials SPP/APR Planning Calendar Transition Indicators 101: Federal Reporting Requirements at the State and Local Levels   The purpose of... SPP/APR Resources
Policy and Systems NASDSE Roundtable Discussion: Collecting and Using Post-School Outcome Data on Dropouts and Other Hard-to-Locate Former Students This is a summa... SPP/APR Resources
NPSO materials   Part B I-14: Checklist for Embedding I-14 Data into Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) This document provides guida... SLDS
Memorandum of Understanding Memorandums of Understanding Below are links to examples Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) in use by states for data sharing that can be foun... SLDS
NPSO Community of Practice To Join the Calls: URL: Conference Number: 1 877 512 6886 Participant Code: 4384592072 ... Community of Practice
CofP 2010 2010 Notes and Materials Call Date Topic Presenter December 9 SLD... CofP Archive 2010-2013
CofP 2011 2011 NPSO Community of Practice Calls Call Date Topic Presenter ... CofP Archive 2010-2013
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National Perspectives   NASDSE Report of State Technical Assistance Needs &... Resources
Data Sources   When setting employment and enrollment targets, states often wonder how d... Resources
Organizations and Agencies The National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC) assists states to build cap... Resources
Secondary Transition The Best Evidence Encyclopedia is a website created by the Johns Hopkin... Resources
SLDS Tools and Products   (draft) Indicator 14 Data Dictionary The purpose of the Indicator 14 Data Dictionary is to assist State Education Agencies (SEAs) as they identify a... SLDS
Purpose/Mission Our Mission is to help state education agencies establish practical and rigorous data collection systems that will measure and profile the post-... About Us
Advisory Team Loujeania Bost Director National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities (NDPC-SD) Clem... About Us
Partners National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N) and the National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilit... About Us
SEA Timeline Indicator 14 - SEA Activity Timeline with NPSO Resources DATA COLLECTION J F M ...
Contact us   The National Post-School Outcomes Center is a project funded by OSEP. It is a collaborative effort of the Technical Assistance and Co... About Us
CofP 2012 2012 NPSO Community of Practice Call Schedule Call Date Topic Presenter ... CofP Archive 2010-2013
NPSO List Serv NPSO List Serv (NPSOServ) Join us to: receive messages about our monthly teleconferences focused on post-school outcome data collect... Community of Practice
footer-test   (draft) Home     |     Contact Us    |    If you have comments specific to the use...
Page not Found Whoops, looks like we couldn't find the page you were looking for! As of January 2012, we have a new website! Unforunately, this means t...
SPP/APR State Links Alabama Link to SPP/APR Primary Contact: Crystal Richardson Email: ... SPP/APR Resources
SLDS Community of Practice SLDS Community of Practice Please join our new COP dedicated to issues related to Indicator 14 and Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS... Community of Practice
CofP 2013 Archive   2012 NPSO Community of Practice Call Schedule Call Date Topic P... CofP Archive 2010-2013
Parent Information   (draft) Resources
Predictor Self-Assessment Predictor_Self-Assessment Predictor_ Self-Assessment_Word Template for Electronic Use This product was developed in collaboration with N... Data Use
S.M.A.R.T. Improvement Activities for the SPP/APR Writing and Evaluating Smart Improvement Activities for the SPP/APR The purpose of the Writing and Evaluating S.M.A.R.T. Improvement Activi... Data Use
Contacting Hard-to-Find Contacting Hard-to-Find Youth: Strategies for the Post-School Survey This one-page tip sheet was developed for SEAs to provide strategies t... Data Collection
State Toolkit for Examining Post-School Success (STEPSS) Overview: The National Post-School Outcomes Center (NPSO), in collaboration with the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Cen... Tools & Products, Data Use
COP 2014 Schedule Call Date Topic Presenter January 9, 2014 Gearing up for APR Submission ... Community of Practice
Capacity Building Institute 8th Annual Capacity Building Institute Co-hosted by the National Secondary Transition Technical Assisance Center (NSTTAC), National Post-Sch... Resources
Engaging Stakeholders   (draft) Tools & Products
Engaging in Stakeholder Meetings Tip sheet for SEAs: Engaging parents and family members in post-school outcome stakeholder groups This product was developed in collaborati... Data Analysis & Reporting