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University of Oregon

Community of Practice: CofP Archive 2010-2013: CofP 2010

2010 Notes and Materials

Call Date


December 9 SLDS Data Dictionary - Notes NPSO staff
November 18 Review of SPP Indicator 14 Writing Suggestions for February 2011 Submission - Notes NPSO staff
October 14 SPP Indicator 14 Writing Suggestions - Materials NPSO staff
September 16 Review of Indicator 14 Response Calculator, Revised Data Display Template and Revised District by District Post-School Outcomes Table - Notes NPSO staff
August 12 State sharing of progress, challenges and TA needs for embedding Indicator 14 into SLDS - Notes NPSO staff
July 8 State Sharing of progress on Indicator 14 Data Collection - Notes NPSO staff
June 10 Review of Revised Indicator 14 FAQ and Interview Protocol - Notes NPSO staff
May 13 No NPSO call because of the 4th Secondary Transition State Planning Institute in Charlotte, NC.  
April 8 Notes NPSO staff
March 18 No CofP call because we hosted the NPSO Data Use Toolkit Training in Eugene, OR March 17-18, 2010  
February 11 Interagency collaboration to facilitate PSO collection, analysis, and use - Notes NPSO staff
January 14 Webinar: Presentation of PSO State and Local Data Use Tool Post-School Outcomes Data Use Toolkit materials - Notes Charlotte Alverson, NPSO

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